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OS Migrations Have Never Been Easier


Swimage takes the challenge out of migrating and deploying an operating system.  With Swimage, a PC can be migrated in around an hour, completely hands-free.  Swimage takes the worry out of deploying a PC because you never need to worry about losing data, missing applications, or missing drivers.   Swimage does it all.   When complete, the user can log in and continue working immediately.  No post configuration, no time restoring data, no time reinstalling applications — it’s all there.    Plus, if anything goes wrong, Swimage can restore the PC back to its original state in less than 3 minutes.   No reason not to use Swimage for all migrations and all deployments, anytime for any reason, including:


  • Update your Operating System
  • Replace Hardware
  • Move Domains
  • Repair OS Failures
  • Remove Viruses


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