Complete Operating System

Lifecycle Management

Updates to the environment
  • Upgrades to Windows
  • New PC Hardware
  • Changes to encryption
Maintainance of the PC over time
  • Repair any OS issues, including BSOD
  • Remove malware
Refresh for any reason
  • Expanding or growing the company
  • Domain migrations
  • Mergers and acquisitions

Whether you are looking to upgrade your OS, replace hardware, or migrate thousands of PCs because of a recent business acquisition, SWIMAGE handles it all.

Companies who adopt SWIMAGE as their OS deployment solution save thousands of dollars in TCO over the life of a PC, starting from the moment the PC is purchased. A new PC is provisioned in SWIMAGE prior to delivery and can be shipped either to an IT depot center, or in most cases, directly to the end user. Simply power on the PC and it builds itself with the latest OS, all updated patches, all user-specific applications, joined to the domain, and ready to use. If the user has an old PC, SWIMAGE will even migrate all the data from the old PC to the new PC over the network or directly with a cross-over cable.

If during the life of the PC, any issues arise, SWIMAGE can reimage the PC, in-place, so that the user is rapidly productive again. Application, data, and all functionality restored within an hour, usually completely zero-touch.

With any new OS release, SWIMAGE will manage the process so that the PC can upgrade cleanly and without error, and without an IT visit.

SWIMAGE can deploy anywhere from a single computer to hundreds a day with no desk-side visit and no user impact.

Every PC will have its own configuration set required for the user, meaning the user will have all application and data at first login.



Since 1993, SWIMAGE has been fundamental in helping companies large and small simplify their OS deployment process, which in turn allows them to standardize their environment, fix PC problems quickly, and adopt the latest operating system with little effort.

Over the years, SWIMAGE has migrated thousands upon thousands of enterprise PCs to the latest Operating System, saving companies countless millions on migration costs. Starting with Windows 3.1 back in the early 1990’s, SWIMAGE has been involved with migrating every Windows Operating system since, all the way to Windows 10. SWIMAGE has also helped companies migrate to new domains, replace hardware, and repair computers very quickly, all with the touch of a button

SWIMAGE is the most mature and most reliable deployment and migration tool on the market.