Make OS Migrations Easy

Since 1993, Swimage has been fundamental in helping companies large and small simplify their OS deployment process, which in turn allows them to standardize their environment, fix PC problems quickly, and adopt the latest operating system with little effort.

Over the years, Swimage has migrated thousands upon thousands of enterprise PCs to the latest Operating System, saving companies countless millions on migration costs. Starting with Windows 3.1 back in the early 1990’s, Swimage has been involved with migrating every Windows Operating system since, all the way to Windows 10. Swimage has also helped companies migrate to new domains, replace hardware, and repair computers very quickly, all with the touch of a button

Swimage is the most mature and most reliable deployment and migration tool on the market.

Utilizing advanced features such as

Swimage can deploy anywhere from a single computer to hundreds a day with no desk-side visit and no user impact.

Every PC will have its own configuration set required for the user, meaning the user will have all application and data at first login.