Swimage Encryption Converter

Swimage Encryption Converter

The Swimage Encryption Converter is the only software on the market that automatically, reliably, and securely migrates a PC’s full disk encryption from one type of encryption to another.

The Encryption Converter securely migrates a PC from one type of encryption to another without reimaging the PC, without moving data off the PC, and while keeping all of the data securely encrypted.

With the Swimage Encryption Converter, a PC stays encrypted and secure throughout the entire process. During the conversion, the PC is locked with our proprietary Swimage SplashLock security, which prevents unauthorized users from interrupting the processes until it’s complete.

Use cases

How it Works

The Swimage Encryption Converter is built upon an intelligent and sophisticated workflow engine that is designed to change the state of a PC from any state, “known or unknown,” to the desired state. The goal with encryption conversion is to get a PC into the desired fully encrypted state.


Case Studies

The Swimage Encryption Converter helps customers who feel locked into their encryption technology to easily and inexpensively move to new technology with minimal business interruption.

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Converter Benefits

Swimage eliminates the cost, risk, challenge, and burden of changing encryption. It is useful for any company that is concerned about security, including financial, healthcare, government, etc.