Encryption Converter Details

Intelligent Automated Workflow

The Swimage Encryption Converter is built upon an intelligent and sophisticated workflow engine that is designed to change the state of a PC from any state, “known or unknown”, to the desired state. The goal with encryption conversion is to get a PC into the stae with the desired, fully encrypted state.

Regardless of the starting point of any PC, the Swimage Encryption Converter knows exactly what it needs to do to convert the encryption. At any point in time, it will detect the current state and create a dynamic workflow that will move it to the next step and finally, to completion. Reboots, shutdown, or any other type of activity will not interfere with the conversion process.

High Security

When security is very high, an added step of “double encryption” can be applied that will ensure the even in the short window between the two encryption technologies, that no data is left exposed.

The Swimage Encryption Converter utilizes Swimage Splashlock security, in order to prevent unauthorized user interruption. Only an authorized technician with the proper passphrase will be able to unlock the system until the process is completed. The Splashlock security system is crucial when doing a hands-free conversion on public devices such as kiosks or ATMs.

Valuable Reporting

The Swimage Encryption Converter has several reporting engines to ensure that status of any given PC is never left in the dark. The first reports are the verbose reports to the local logs throughout the conversion process. These are essential as a first line since there may circumstances where the PC in unable to have connectivity to push the status to anything external to that device.
Secondarily, the status information is pushed to a cloud-based Swimage server and/or to an on premise server. The status pushed is real-time, unless the PC goes offline, in which the status is accumulated and held locally until the PC is connected once again to the Internet.

Swimage will also produce a scheduled report to show all PC status, including completed and in progress status for all systems, by type or by location.

Minimal Risk

The Swimage Encryption Converter has built in self-healing function to ensure that the process is always running and always healthy. In the even that the state of the PC itself changes, such as new software is pushed or the encryption is changed manually, Swimage will detect this change any automatically adapt its workflow to the new PC state.