Encryption Converter

The Swimage Encryption Converter will allow you to securely migrate a PC from one type of encryption to another without reimaging the PC, without moving data off the PC, and while keeping all of the data securely encrypted.

Lock System to Convert

With the Swimage Encryption Converter, a PC will stay encrypted and secure throughout the entire process.   During the conversion, the PC is locked, using the Swimage SplashLock security to prevent a user from interrupting the processes and adding an additional layer of security to the process.

Highly Secure Institutions

The Encryption Converter is fundamentally required when security and encryption is of upmost importance.  This includes some of the following industries and technologies:

  • Financial Institutions
  • Secured Devices (such as ATMs)
  • Health Care sensitive to HIPPA
  • Federal and Local Government Agencies
  • Department of Defense

Supported Encryption Tools
How it Works