In Place Step 4

Connect to the Network

  1. If you see a dialog box for network location, select “Work.”
  2. If you are an onsite user, ensure you are plugged into the Corporate.lan corporate network. After a couple minutes, move onto Step 4.
  3. If you are a remote user, ensure you are connected to the Internet. After a couple minutes, click Establish VPN.  This will connect you to the Corporate network remotely.
    • If you receive an error message about not connecting, click OK, and then click Establish VPN.
  4. Once you are connected, click the Connect button to finish the process (if it doesn’t connect automatically).  At this point, the PC will join the domain.
  5. If you have connected through VPN, you will be asked to authenticate.  Type in your Corporate Core ID and password to authenticate. Click OK in the dialog box which says, Authentication Successful!
Update USB
  1. Depending on the volume of your data, the restoration of data could take anywhere from a few minutes to over 30 minutes.
  2. When completed, the PC will reboot, and you will be ready to use your PC.
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