Complete Data Protection

Never Lose Data Swimage protects all data

Users and technicians fear deployments due to the risk of data loss. With Swimage, data is encapsulated on the machine and never removed so it can never be lost.

Swimage utilizes multiple techniques to ensure data is always preserved and restored back to the user.

  1. Swimage scans based on file-type, folder name, and other customizable criteria
  2. Swimage enhances the reliability and resiliency of USMT in addition to other unique data migration techniques
  3. Swimage encapsulates data through hard linking to optimize in-place migrations
  4. Swimage can use either direct transfer, over the wire, server storage, or removable media data storage for PC replacements
  5. Swimage takes a complete snapshot of the PC for in-place migrations to ensure that even hidden data is protected