PC Swap Step 4

Now you are ready to start the process on the new computer

Remove the Swimage stick from the old PC and insert it into the new PC
Power on the new PC and immediately press the F9 key repeatedly until you get the boot menu.

Select the option, “USB Hard Drive 1″

The NEW PC will begin the build process at this point.

There is a possibility that you may receive the future state dialog box within 5 min. If this happens:

  • Enter the computer name for the PC:
    • For this, use the name of the old PC for this field, but append “–b” at the end of the name
    • If you’re not sure what the name of the old PC is, use your CoreID with -01 at the end.
  • Once you provide the computer name, select the Role “Compute Replacement using the Red cable”
  • Hit “OK” when completed

The PC will build and will begin to transfer data after about an hour. The time to receive the “complete” message will vary based on how much data you have to transfer.

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    Swimage Progress