PC Swap

Swap that PC Blindfolded

Migration is as simple as powering on a PC

Hardware replacements are common and frequent. For a company of 10,000 employees, nearly 10 computers are replaced every single day. In most cases, this will require one to three full time jobs just to manage PC replacements. With Swimage, a hardware replacement is nearly completely automated — to the point in fact, that the end-users can do the migrations themselves. This saves time and expense, especially when the PC can be delivered directly from the manufacturer to its final destination.

The direct savings with Swimage for each computer being replaced is on average $400 per PC. This does not even include the cost of downtime that the user needs to endure waiting for the PC to be replaced. Most processes have the PC sent to a central depot for replacement. For remote users, this means shipping the PC where the users will be without the PC for days to weeks.

Feel the Difference…

With Swimage, a new PC is shipped directly to the user. All the user needs to do it plug in the provided cable to the old PC and power them both on. Swimage takes care of the rest. It will build the new PC exactly how the user needs it, with applications and data transferred from the old PC. The user simply waits for the process to finish on its own, typically less than 2 hours, and the new PC is ready to use. It will even join the domain remotely. Once complete, the old PC can decommissioned. Everything is transferred, no technician is required, and the user is operational very quickly.