White Glove Deployment Services

Swimage deployment specialists are experts in OS migrations and PC lifecycle management.

Whether it’s just a few hundred PCs or hundreds of thousands, Swimage has the process, the people, and the tools necessary to migrate, upgrade, or transform your PCs at a low fixed price.

Swimage can handle even the most complex environments

Swimage has over 25 years of experience in the most complex and the largest endpoint environments. Swimage has migrated PCs all over the world and can handle even extremely remote locations.

Our solution differentiates from our competition because our definition of a migration includes all data, all settings, all required application, and domain joined. When we deliver the PC to the user, they are productive immediately. They don’t need to wait for cloud updates nor do they need to reconfigure their PC.

We make happy customers

We deliver it all, even when remote. Swimage will take care of:

  • OS Upgrades

    No Interaction Required

  • Domain Migrations

    We handle company acquisitions and domain migrations. Not domain trust needed.

  • PC Replacements

    We will make the new PC look just like the old with little effort

  • PC Transformation

    We will standardize and optimize your environment

A migration with Swimage will include:

  • Latest desired operating systems
  • Patched and secure
  • Migrate with encryption
  • All data and settings preserved
  • All applications installed
  • Remotely joined, if remote
  • Self-service capable
  • Prepared for any future upgrade or repair