Application Installation

Intelligent Application Installation

No more need to manually figure out applications that need to be reinstalled. Swimage will install applications in any or all of the following methods:

Application Matching

Application Matching in Swimage has the intelligence to scan the PC prior to the migration and based on a set of rules, will automatically determine the proper application to reinstall as part of the migration.

This means that with no prior knowledge about the PC and without any additional effort, a PC can fully migrate and be 100% user ready at first login, saving time, money, and aggravation.

Role Assignment

Based on the role selected for the deployment, applications will be assigned and installed.

Template Assignment

A PC can have multiple templates applies and will get a combination of all applications installed from all templates.

Image Embedded

Applications can installed and embedded in the image automatically.

Driver Applications

Applications can be assigned to hardware so that based on the hardware type, the application is automatically assigned and installed.

Intelligent Source Retrieval

Swimage will pull the application installation sources form the optimal location automatically. These location being any of the following:

  • Thumb drive
  • Locally cached
  • Swimage resource server
  • Vendor loaded image
  • SCCM distribution point
  • Ivanti perferred server
Any Package Type

Swimage will install most supported package types and styles, including:

  • MSI
  • Silent switches
  • Batch files
  • SCCM Packages
  • SCCM Applications
Dynamic Installation Order

Swimage will install  any number of applications all in the correct order , including dependencies, based on a dynamic ranking system.