Swimage Cloud

Swimage continues to engage in continuous innovation and is now offering a hosted cloud-instance of Swimage.  It includes all of the features of on-prem Swimage, plus additional benefits and functionality.  With Swimage Cloud, a company will reduce cost, increase revenue, and make employees much happier in the process.

The Future of IT Self-Service Is Here

Initiate from Anywhere

Swimage enables anyone, including the end-user, to leverage the full capabilities of Swimage, even if the PC has no connectivity to a corporate network.  

With the Swimage cloud, all PCs globally can be deployed and reimaged from anywhere.  

Unlock Benefits

Swimage Cloud provides all of the benefits you have become accustom to with Swimage, including data and profile migration, application matching and reinstallation, and customizable deployment roles.

However, Swimage Cloud now enables these features without the need to install an on-premise server and can communicate to all endpoints with no need for VPN to a corporate network.  

Enable Self-Service

Now with Swimage Cloud, providing self-service solutions for employees has more value than ever, especially for remote workers.

Self-service with Swimage empowers the user, reduces downtime, increases productivity, decreases shipping costs, and enables support teams to focus on other priorities. 

Please contact us for any questions and/or to schedule a customized demo of the new Swimage Cloud.