Swimage Application Matching


Log on to the Swimage Console as a member of the Swimage Admin group

Click on the “Applications” tab

Select “Application Matching” from the drop down menu

A program window will open Click “Run”

Goto the Applications tab

Click on “Add Matching”

NOTE: AppMatching requires that a computer or computer be discovered prior to setting or configuring any rules.  Applications also need to be added to Swimage.

Provide a Name for the rule

Select an action for the Rule

NOTE: In the Global Settings/System Settings in the Default Values there is a default AppMatching action.  Please see the Admin Guide for more information.

Click “Active”

Select the Application to Install by clicking “Add Application”

Select Matching

Choose from the list of previously application(s) that you would like to trigger the installation of the new application.

Wildcards and versioning are acceptable in creating a rule

Click Save

NOTE: Rules can be edited and changed as new computers and applications are added to Swimage.  Please see the Admin Guide for more information.

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