Swimage Conductor

The Swimage Conductor is the program responsible for handling all steps required to perform the deployment on a PC.

The Swimage Conductor plays a similar role as the “Task Sequence” in SCCM and MDT; however, unlike the Task Sequence, the Swimage Conductor does not require complex conditional logic, plus the Conductor adds significant resiliency to the deployment process.   With the Conductor, your focus remains on how to want your PCs to be configured and the Conductor will automatically construct the logic to get you there.

The Conductor follows a prescribed set of instructions, as determined by the activity to perform, and will monitor each step to ensure the overall success of the deployment.

The instructions that the Conductor utilizes to perform its needed tasks, called the “Conductor Action Set”, vary based on the activity at hand.   These task include, but are not limited to :

  • Bare metal deployment
  • In-place reimage
  • Migrate to a new operating system
  • Capture data only
  • Run PC discovery only
  • Create an image

Once the Swimage Conductor begins, it will actively manages the PC until the job is completed.   It handles all configurations, installs, reboots, web calls, and reporting.   If an error occurs during the migration or the PC is powered off, the Conductor will automatically determine that last successful step and continue from there.   It will also retry any failed steps until it succeeds or until the failed list timeout is  reached.

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