Swimage Conductor Logging


Swimage has two main logs that records every process that the Swimage Conductor completes during a deployment.  The two logs are the Conductor.log and the SwimageConductor.log.

Conductor.Log – the Conductor log is located in the C:\.Swimage\Logs folder and contains detailed information about the process.  In WinPE the file is located in the same folder location, but on the x: drive/

SwimageConductor.Log – the SwimageConductor log is located in the C:\.Swimage\Working\Swimage folder and details the completed steps of the process.

Swimage also keeps a log of most individual steps in the process.  All logs less the SwimageConductor.log are located in the C:\.Swimage\Logs folder.

When troubleshooting a deployment the logs are the best way to check the status and provide insight into any issues that might have occurred.  When contacting Swimage for support, a copy of the logs are normally required to resolve an issue.

Logs are saved after a deployment and are available for review.  The logs are saved in the C:\windows\Logs\Swimage directory.

NOTE:  Please see the Admin Guide for more information.

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