Swimage Create Image


Creating a new image requires some pre-requisites to have been completed prior to starting;

  • Create a WinPE Media with the “AnyProcess” selected
  • Active the “Create Wim” role in Roles
  • Copy the Windows X source files to the Swimage Server (X references the current version of the Windows media to be used to create the wim.  i.e. Windows 10.1803)

We recommend creating new images on a virtual machine.  The virtual machine allows for a driver agnostic image to be created that can run on any hardware type.  The other reason is to have an image created without a user profile associated.

Once the pre-requisites are completed

Create a Virtual Machine without an operating system.

Insert the Anyprocess.ISO from the <SwimageServer>\Swimage\WinPE\WinPEISO folder

Boot the virtual machine to the ISO

Select “Create New Binary Image”

Select “Create WIM” role in the dropdown box

Click “OK”

NOTE:  A prompt will appear to name the WIM.  This name is for the Folder where the WIM is to be stored.  The name should be descriptive for the WIM.

Provide a name for the WIM

A prompt will come up to FORMAT the drive.  Type OK to format the HDD

Swimage will build the WIM based on the parameters defined in the Role

After the WIM is captured it will be available in the Console under Operating Systems, Windows 10 x 64

NOTE:  A physical machine can also be used to Create a WIM, just remember specific drivers for the physical machine will be included in the WIM.

NOTE:  Please see the Admin Guide for more information.

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