Swimage Data Migration

Swimage Data Migration

Swimage will migrate all data, settings, bookmark, and application settings automatically.    Combined with the Swimage Data Protection Snapshot, data-loss becomes a thing of the past.

Swimage has all of the data migration rules established out-of-box.   Although the rules can be customized, there is usually no need to add any additional rules before you begin migrating.

Swimage perfects data migration under almost every scenario, including:

In-place migration

An in-place migration is when a PC is either upgraded or reimaged on the same box.    In the “old world” data would need to be offloaded from the PC to either a network share or to an external drive before beginning the migration.   With Swimage, this approach is not necessary.    The most efficient, in both speed and reliability, is to keep all data local and the imaging occurs “around the data”.   This can save countless hours in the time it takes to migrate your PC.

Swimage has the capability of migrating a PC in-place without requiring the data be moved off the PC in the vast majority of the cases, this even includes PCs that are fully encrypted.   Swimage is the only solution that can perform an in-place PC migration on an encrypted PC regardless of the type of encryption.  Leaving the data on the local PC with encryption ensures that the data remains protected and secure throughout the migration.

On some occasions, it may still be necessary to move the data off of the PC before you migrate.  In this case, you can choose either an external flash drive or a server share.

PC Replacements

For PC replacements, Swimage will migrate data from the old PC to the new PC automatically.    Is can handle the data transfer in three different ways.  1) Direct Data Transfer (DDT), 2) External USB Storage, and 3) Network storage.

Direct Data Transfer (DDT)

Direct Data Transfer is where Swimage will copy the data directly from an old PC to the new target PC over an Ethernet cabled directly attached between the two PCs.   This process is the fastest and easiest.   Direct Data Transfer only works in Offline Mode using a Swimage deployment kit.   For online deployments, you will need to use either the External USB or Network Storage.

External USB Storage

Swimage supports external storage to be used to temporary store data during a migration.   Swimage will detect your preferred storage by either looking for a text file called “SwimageData” on the root of the storage drive or looking for a volume label called “SwimageData“.  Having Swimage look for these flags will prevent Swimage from accidentally using storage that is not expected, such as a camera or phone.  If neither flag is located and it has been authorized to find any drive, Swimage will find the external drive with the most amount of free space.

Network Storage

Swimage supports network storage to be used to temporary store data during a migration.   For this to work, a Swimage State Server will need to be set up in the Swimage Resource servers and the State Server set up to encompass the IP boundary that the PC’s IP address is located.    If the PC falls into the State Server boundary, it will automatically establish a connection to this server and place captured data there.

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