Swimage Drivers


Log on to the Swimage Console as a member of the Swimage Admin group

Click on the “Hardware” tab

Select “Driver Interrogator” from the drop down menu, it will launch a program

Enter the Swimage Server URL

Click on “Current user Credentials”

Click “OK”

There are 3 ways to use this program to enter drivers into Swimage:

  • Search Computer – gathers all the drivers from the computer that you are currently logged into
  • Search Remote – gathers drivers from a remote computer
  • Select Directory – gathers drivers from an existing driver store or repository

Select the way to import drivers, the program will then interrogate the location and show a list of found drivers

Select all drivers that need to be added

Click on the “Upload Option” Tab

Assigning drivers in Swimage require associating drivers to an Operating System and Harware Model (Drivers can be associated to multiple models and OSs)

Select a Hardware Model

Select an Operating System

Click on “Save Driver Set”

NOTE: Adding a Prefix can help sort drivers for later viewing, Swimage recommends a prefix reference a hardware model family or type as drivers can be the same for multiple hardware models.  Please see the Admin Guide for more information.

NOTE: Add Drivers to WinPE.  Drivers added to PE will be included in the WinPE media when it is created and will include all drivers added to WinPE.  Swimage recommends not adding all drivers to PE.  Please see the Admin Guide for more information.

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