Import Computers


Swimage allows for provisioning of computers by adding a “Future State” prior to deploying the computer.  A Role is associated with the each individual computer.

Log on to the Swimage Console as a member of the Swimage Admin group

Click on the “Computers” tab

Select “Import Computers” from the drop down menu

Click on “Download Validation Data”  (The Validation Data has all the Roles, Templates, Applications, etc. from the Swimage Server)

Select “Simple Import Format” or “Advanced Import Format”

  • Simple Import Format – used for simple import of computers with limited fields.
  • Advanced Import Format – only used when you want to customize the computer import and change the Future State of the individual computers

Open the “Import Format” in excel

Import the “Validation Data”

Enter the computer information (Name and/OR Serial Number is required)

Future States can be created at the same time by selecting a Role.  Additional information can be also configured but not required.

Export Data to XML

Browse for the exported XML

Click NEXT

Check the Data

Click OK

NOTE:  Please see the Admin Guide for more information.

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