Swimage Offline Deployment Manager


Log on to the Swimage Console as a member of the Swimage Admin group

Click on the “Boot Media” tab

Select “Offline Deployments” from the drop down menu

Click on “Launch the Offline Deployment Manager”

Click Run

Enter your Swimage Server and provide Swimage credentials

If you installed the “Default data” a base image was created.

Click on “Design Image”

Enter a name and check “Build a 64-bit image”

Click ‘Next’

In the Computer Selection.  The ODM can be used for a single computer, all computers registered in Swimage, or all computers if nothing is selected.

Click ‘Next’

In the Hardware Selection.  The ODM can be configured for certain models.  Any selected hardware would also add any drivers for that model.

Click ‘Next’

In the Role Selection.  The ODM can be configured only to migrate certain types of Roles.

Click ‘Next’

NOTE: All items included in the selected Roles will automatically be added to the remaing fields and grayed out to indicate that item was added by a Role.

OS Binary Image Selection. Gives you to the option to add additional WIMs to the ODM.

Click ‘Next’

Location Selection. Can be limited to locations tied to a Role.  Swimage recommends adding all locations.

Click ‘Next’

Orgaizational Unit Selection.  Default is what is included in the Role.  Remember the Join Domain Account will need to have rights to any OU selected.

Click ‘Next’

Application Selection.  To see all applications available click Search and then any additional applications can be added.

Click ‘Next’

Install Actions.  Default actions.  Swimage recommends adding all Actions.

Click ‘Next’

OS Components.  Default OS components.  Swimage recommends adding all OS Components.

Click ‘Next’

Registry Scripts.  Default Registry Scripts.  Swimage recommends adding all Registry Scripts.

Click ‘Finish’

This will create the ODM Template.  To create the ODM select from the 3 options:

  • Build to USB
  • Build to ISO
  • Build to Folder

Swimage recommends building to a Folder and creating the ODM on the Swimage Server for faster builds.

The size of the ODM is determined by 2 major factors; Hardware Models with associated Drivers and OS WIMs.

NOTE: ODMs can be built for single use or multiple use and can also have an expiration date included in the build.  Please see the Admin Guide for more information.

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