Swimage Training Preface

Welcome to a better way to manage Operating Systems in your organization!

Deployment has long been one of the most painful and expensive processes in the Information Technology (IT) process, leading to delayed adoption of new operating systems and with that, delayed adoption of new technology. New technology provides your company the advancements necessary to gain an advantage in the marketplace. Due to the implied complexity of rapid adoption, IT has focused on reduction of cost rather than on the rapid and safe adoption of technology. Advancement by constriction rarely works, and the end result has been an ever shrinking set of capabilities with an ever increasing cost to adopt.

LogicDS is a premier national technology services and solutions provider focused on the Microsoft Infrastructure market. LogicDS’ mission is to provide full lifecycle solutions that help organizations architect, design, implement, optimize, manage and secure server and desktop platforms while increasing efficiency and reducing total cost of ownership.

LogicDS’ proprietary software, Swimage, is the world’s most advanced fully zero-touch deployment solution for workstation Lifecycle Management and OS Migrations. Used reliably every day by major corporations, government agencies, small businesses, and by Global Systems Integrators, Swimage consistently out-ranks the competition in features and functionality nearly 3 to 1 in competitive shoot-outs and is the only Encryption agnostic (patented) solution with Work Flow management built-in (also patented).

Unlike other deployment “point solutions,” created as one-offs for the most recent operating system, Swimage was developed over the past 20 years as a need for full deployment management and full automation as a fundamental part of our migration consulting services. It has been the years of migration consulting experience that LogicDS has put into Swimage which makes it the most robust, reliable, and efficient deployment tool on the market. We’ve taken deployments beyond zero-touch by including deployment scheduling with workflow, pre-validation, end-user e-mail communication, and fully automated provisioning.

With a simple GUI interface any IT staffer can use (click-to-deploy and no coding required), Swimage incorporates over 25 years of IT best practices, ongoing development, and integrates with major industry solutions like Microsoft SCCM. Leveraging the only true and highly reliable zero-touch technology on the market, the features and functions of Swimage greatly simplify and automate recurring workstation Lifecycle Management and OS Migration tasks – from helpdesk support and break-fix (including replacing desk side service calls), to initial acquisition setup and configuration, hardware redeployment/cascading, and OS/application configuration, upgrades, maintenance and migrations.

Most deployments require only a few clicks and can reduce the time to less than five minutes of IT labor. Similarly, what used to be major undertakings (initial configuration, “imaging,” OS Migrations) that took many people many months each and every year can now be done by one person in just a few hours once and for all. This is the promise and the practice with the right technology when true zero-touch solutions (Swimage) are fully leveraged. Not surprisingly, most Swimage customers see an ROI (savings) that is 9X the cost in the first year –essentially with the first use – and enjoy the same savings year in and year out (savings NPV is 36X the acquisition cost).

By treating deployments as a discrete action to be performed in a consistent, dependable, and repeatable manner rather than by trying to use a “one size fits all” or “all in one” solution, you have taken the first step toward being able to not only reduce costs, but more importantly, increase the value delivered from IT to the customer and the company. In doing that, you are advancing your company closer to the “Strategic Asset” area of the Infrastructure Optimization continuum and proving value beyond simple reduction of cost.

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