SCCM Integration Preparation


Swimage uses the Server Access account (SwimageSync) to connect to SCCM to read and manage objects it creates.  The following class and instance permissions should be configured in SCCM for the Server Access account (SwimageSync).  Permissions should be configured using the ‘Manage ConfigMgr Users’ action in the ConfigMgr Console so that the account is added to the ‘SMS Admins’ local group on the SCCM server.

Class Instance Permissions
Advertisement All Instances Read, Modify, Delete, Create, Manage Folders
Collection All Instances Read, Modify, Delete, Advertise, Create, Read Resource
Site All Instances Read
Package All Instances Read, Modify, Delete, Distribute, Create, Manage Folders
Status Message All Instances Read
Configuration Items All Instances Read
Deployment All Instances Read
Deployment Package All Instances Read
Deployment Template All Instances Read

For SCCM Current Branch the Permissions and Roles have changed.  To configure access for Current Branch use the following table to setup the Role and Scope for the SwimageSync Account.


  • The SwimageSync account must be manually added to the ‘Distributed COM Users’ group on the SCCM server so it can access DCOM remotely.
  • If Swimage is on the same computer as an SCCM Management Point, the SwimageSync Account must be added to the local Administrators group.

NOTE: If you have integrated with SCCM you can sync your SCCM packages in Swimage.  Please see the Admin Guide for more information.

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