Swimage State Server


A State server is created to save user data to the network. Swimage can sync to SCCM and utilize the available state servers based on the boundaries defined within SCCM

Swimage also gives you the option to manually define override Distribution Points and/or create User State Servers

Log on to the Swimage Console as a member of the Swimage Admins group

Click on the “Global Settings” tab

Select “Resource Server Boundaries”

Click “New Swimage Resource Server”

Select the “Resource Type” – either “Distribution Server” or “State Server”

NOTE: Distribution Servers are used as local, distributed copies of the SwimDist content required to complete a deployment, i.e. OS WIMs, Drivers, Applications, settings, etc.

State Servers are used as temporary network storage locations for compressed migration files of user data during a PC Swap migration.

Provide a “Server Name”

If setting up a Distribution server, use the fully qualified server or share name only

If setting up a State Server, use a UNC path to the shared folder

NOTE:  A static IP Address can be used instead of the fully qualified server name

Select Boundary Type

Define Boundary

NOTE: Separate multiple IP Subnets, AD Sites or IP Ranges with a comma.  Specify IP Range as: n.n.n.n-n.n.n.n

Click OK

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