Swimage versus Microsoft Tools


Swimage is far superior to all competition when it comes to simplicity, reliability, security, and user experience. This is especially true how Swimage compares to the Microsoft tools, including the SCCM Task Sequence, MDT, Auto Pilot, and Intune. Whereas the Microsoft tools require heavy maintenance, scripting, consulting, and/or third-party add-ons, Swimage functions out-of-box. The following chart shows how Swimage stands-up to the Microsoft tools, out-of-box.

| Fully Capable | Some Ability | Little Ability | No Ability w/o custom development |

Feature / Capability

Task Sequence




Deploy-ready, Out-of-box

Configuration Template Layering

Pre-deployment Validation

Pre-deployment Remediation

Built-in Provisioning Database

Agentless web-based console for real-time status

Content location on either Server Share, Peer PC, NAS, Flash Drive, or Local Cache

Leverage and integrate with LANDesk / Ivanti


Ability to run completely disconnected and remote

Can run completely standalone

Fully-enabled offline deployment for home or remote users

Cache deployment content prior to migration, eliminating network requirements

Fully automated predeployment workflow engine to report on and remediate PC issues

Pre validation process prevents migration when errors are detected

Complete pre-provisioning of PCs, eliminating need for techs or users for any desk side provisioning

Automated application reinstallation using app matching rules

Automated driver provisioning and injections


Automated conversion of BIOS to UEFI

Automated conversion of MBR to GPT

Automated email and reporting pre migration, during migration, and post migration

Automated Image creation and patching based on defined set of instructions

Ability to interact with migrations remotely

In-place migrate without unencrypting and without reformatting

Full drive snapshot to protect all previous state data

Full rollback capability anytime during of after the migration

Auto detect external storage for user data whenever needed


Direct PC to PC data transfer for a hardware replacement /strong>

Zero-touch migrations in mass scale

Wizard driven light-touch OS deployments

Self-deployment kit for PC to PC migration over cross-over cable

Prestaged images on new hardware, straight from hardware vendor

Remote or lightly connected deployments directly from DVD or USB

Real-time, web based, dashboard to show progression of all machines as they deploy

Automated discovery and provisioning of drivers, apps, settings, and data.


Automatically patch PCs prior to attaching to the domain

Automated hardware detection and driver injection

Full customization based on template assignments, including Windows features, customizations, and tweaks.

Full functionality on first login

Send automated email notification to project manager at the completion of the deployment

Rollup progress reports automatically compiled and sent daily

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