Vendor Base Image


The Vendor Based Image is the process of condensing Swimage into a WIM that is placed on new computers from the manufacturer that will automatically configure Swimage once the End-User starts the computer.  Swimage essentially replaces the manufacturer’s standard WIM with a company’s WIM created by Swimage.

The first Step to creating a Vendor Based Image (VBI) is to create an Offline Deployment Media

Once the Offline Deployment Media (ODM) is created the files then need to be inserted into the VBI folder structure.

Log into the Swimage Server as a Swimage Administrator

Navigate to the \Swimage\VendorImages folder

When creating the ODM save the data in ODM folder located in the \Swimage\VendorImages folder

Once the ODM is created run the CreateVBI.cmd

That will create a OS.WIM that will need to be copied into the \Swimage\VendorImages\ApplyVBI\VBI folder

The last step is to then Apply the VBI to new computer.

NOTE: Additional setup will be required for this process contact Swimage for more information.

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