About LogicDS

LogicDS is a premiere technology solution provider located in Naperville, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago. We specialize in efficient management of the desktop and provide the fastest, most reliable, and cost effective desktop migration solution on the market.

LogicDS was founded on the basic principle that companies can achieve a high level of efficiency in IT management by optimizing how people, process, and technology are applied to achieve a unified goal.

Our purpose is to help our customers achieve maximum efficiency through process automation no matter how large and complex their environment may be.

Our flagship product, SWIMAGE, s a critical component in achieving our goal for our customers. SWIMAGE will automate nearly all aspects of OS deployments and migrations, including updating the base image, installing all applications, installing necessary drivers, as well as retaining and migrating user data.

Our Management Team

Kyle Haroldsen

Founder, Chief Executive Officer


Tami Haroldsen

Co-Founder, Chief Financial Officer