Modern PC Management

Swimage is the perfect solution for modernizing every aspect of the PC lifecycle. This includes new provisioning, OS repairs, OS upgrades, migrations, and PC replacements.

Swimage is optimized with the needed resiliency so that even the hardest to reach systems can be reimaged or migrated by the end user without shipping the PC and without involving a technician. This saves in shipping, time, and money.

The purpose of Swimage is to restore a PC to fully operational status in less than an hour, all with no intervention. When complete, the user can log in and continue working immediately. Applications, settings, and data are all restored. If the PC is remote, the Swimage Remote Connection Manager will establish a secure connection to join the domain. For hybrid or Azure AD, Swimage can also register the PC into Azure, if desired.

Swimage Solutions

Modern PC

Modern PC Management

Swimage is the perfect solution for modernizing every aspect of the PC lifecycle. This includes new provisioning, OS repairs, OS upgrades, migrations, and PC replacements.

Swimage Encryption Converter

The Swimage Encryption Converter securely migrates a PC from one type of encryption to another without reimaging the PC, without moving data off the PC, and while keeping all of the data securely encrypted.

White Glove Services

Swimage deployment specialists are experts in OS migrations and PC lifecycle management. Swimage has the process, the people, and the tools necessary to migrate, upgrade, or transform your PCs.

Swimage Differentiators

Encryption Handler

Swimage makes deployment processes extremely secure and efficient. The Swimage Encryption Handler supports your encryption technology with no need to decrypt during migrations.

Offline Deployment Manager

Swimage provides a unique and very robust method for handling any type of deployment, even for those employees who have poor or no network connection.

DataProtect Snapshot

Never worry about losing data again. The Swimage DataProtect Snapshot will protect the entire file system on the drive prior to the migration.  

Additional Differentiators

Swimage offers a variety of powerful dynamic differentiators that makes automating modern PC management simple, fast, secure, and reliable.

Swimage Benefits

Maintain Security

Swimage is the only solution that can migrate an encrypted device without removing the security, regardless of the encryption type.

Own Your Data

Maintain full control of your PC information & data with flexibility. Never lose data – protect all data, known and unknown.

Support Remote Workers

Enable remote workers through self-service. Self-service is a must-have for remote employees and has really made a difference for remote workforce.

Additional Benefits

Swimage offers a variety of unique and impactful benefits to businesses both large and small. Read how Swimage improves endpoint management.

Global Success

Swimage optimizes modern PC management on a global scale. Swimage deploys millions of endpoints across 85 countries around the world.

Global companies save millions of dollars using Swimage for their PC lifecycle management. Typical ROI is greater than 200% with an average payback of less than three months.

Whether on-premise or remote, Swimage gets the job done quickly and more reliably than any other solution.

Why use Swimage?

  • Remove malware
  • Manage remote worker PCs
  • Repair OS failures
  • Provision new PCs
  • Upgrade the operating system
  • Replace hardware
  • Move domains
  • Manage PCs via self-service

Swimage Customers

Ransomware Risk Mitigation

Is your business prepared for a ransomware attack? What would you do if some, if not all, of your PCs were attacked by some type of malware?   The cost to your business could be astronomical, and in many cases, unrecoverable.   Swimage is designed as a full recovery solution for a PC in distress.  

Adopting Windows 11 – What Is Your Plan?

Microsoft has announced plans to release Windows 11 later this year. Not surprisingly, Windows 10 was not the last version of Windows after all. OS updates are a continuous cycle, and Windows 11 is no exception.

There is good news. Windows 11 has some great new features that will make adoption appealing, and Swimage is ready to make the transition a virtual non-event.

Still on Windows 7?

Swimage is the fastest and most efficient method for migrating to Windows 10. If you’re already on Windows 10, Swimage will control your feature updates as well as rebuild/repair PCs as needed.

New Company or Business Unit?

Swimage will easily migrate the new assets to your organization in record time.