Power of Swimage

Swimage makes migrating to Windows 10 and staying updated very easy. Swimage takes the stress out of deploying a PC because you never need to worry about losing data, missing applications, or missing drivers. Swimage does it all. When complete, the user can log in and continue working immediately. Plus, if anything goes wrong, Swimage can restore the PC back to its original state in less than 3 minutes.

Swimage is used for all migrations and all deployments, anytime for any reason, including:

  • Update your Operating System
  • Replace Hardware
  • Move Domains
  • Repair OS Failures
  • Remove Malware
  • Migrate PCs via self-service
  • Enable remote worker PC management

Remote Workforce

Swimage automations provide the tools and information needed for your remote workforce. With unique self-service options, Swimage empowers remote workers with the ability to repair PC issues and even complete PC migrations/deployments.

Swimage can reduce downtime, reduce helpdesk calls, improve efficiencies, eliminate challenges, and most importantly – drive overall process improvement with return on investment.

Unlock Swimage Solutions & Empower Your Remote Workforce:

  • Auto-Enabled Remote Connection
  • No Downtime
  • Repair OS Issues
  • Migrate Anytime & in less than 60 min.
  • Complete OS Upgrades
  • Keep Data/ Applications/ Settings
  • Monitor Progress via Autogenerated Reporting

Swimage ensures appropriate, customized, remote migration solutions are provided – while securing all critical business processes.

Why Swimage?

Remote Workers
Save Money
Save Time
Protect Data

Our Features

Realtime Migration Monitoring

Swimage has many ways to report information on the progress of the PC migrations, both real-time and historical.

Auto Application Reinstallation

No more need to manually figure out applications that need to be reinstalled. Application Matching in Swimage has the intelligence

Neverfail Migration

The Swimage Conductor is the engine that drives the deployments in Swimage. Once started, it is resilient and intelligent to ensure

Swimage Modern PC Management

Swimage Customers

Success Stories


Recently we successfully migrated thousands of PCs from all over the world in record time. All user
data and settings were migrated and all supported applications were reinstalled. Best of all, not a
single data file was lost!

Training and Support

We offer three levels of support in order to meet your specific support requirements

Gold Support

24 x 7 Global support.
Two weeks of consulting and training annually.
General infrastructure support and training.
Access to all hotfixes and updates.

Silver Support

Extended 7-day support, 8:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m U.S. Central Time.
One week of consulting and training annually.
General infrastructure support and training.
Access to all hotfixes and updates.

Bronze Support

Included with active Swimage subscription.
Support M-F 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m U.S. Central Time.
Basic Swimage support and questions.
Access to all hotfixes and updates.

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