Swimage EPM + Security

Enhance Your Cybersecurity with Swimage

In addition to being the best imaging & provisioning tool on the market,

Swimage Attune EPM prepares you for today’s cyber threats.

Swimage Attune EPM enhances your cybersecurity responsiveness with hyper-automated:

  • Security enforcement
  • Incident response
  • Full build disaster recovery

Attune EPM Security Features:

  • Security & compliance monitoring
  • Rapid, hyper-automated remediation
  • Zero trust security
  • Full-disk forensic snapshot
  • Low/no bandwidth
  • Onsite or remote
  • Self-service capability
  • Full system rebuild capability
  • Encryption handler
  • Integrates with other security tools

Additional Attune EPM Features:

  • Automated imaging
  • Automated, dynamic provisioning
  • Domain join flexibility
  • Cloud management portal
  • Multi-tenancy
  • Client-side agent
  • Asset management
  • Application delivery & patching
  • PC health monitoring & automated remediation
  • Intelligent driver interrogator

Attune EPM Benefits:

  • Fast & easy installation & configuration
  • Integrates with existing system management tools
  • Flexible & customizable
  • Scalable to any organization size
  • 100% end-to-end automation
  • Requires minimal labor
  • Reduces help desk demands
  • Own & protect your PC information & data
  • Alternative to SCCM & Autopilot

See Swimage Attune EPM in Action

Other Swimage Solutions

Swimage + Tranxition Ransomware Recovery

Swimage + Tranxition Ransomware Recovery EPM add-in, with incremental backup, enables rapid recovery from ransomware events with a full system rebuild (including OS, apps, settings, and data) in minutes while eliminating the ransomware/malware.

Swimage Encryption Converter

The Swimage Encryption Converter securely migrates a PC from one type of encryption to another with or without reimaging the PC, without moving data off the PC, and while keeping all of the data securely encrypted.

White Glove Services

Swimage endpoint management specialists are experts in OS migrations and PC lifecycle management. Swimage has the process, the people, and the tools necessary to migrate, upgrade, or transform your PC environment.

Global Success

Swimage optimizes modern PC management on a global scale. Swimage manages endpoints across 85 countries around the world, in many industries and verticals.

Industries which are concerned about security and compliance, such as healthcare, financial, and government agencies value Swimage’s hyper-automated enforcement and remediation.

ANY industry or organization can benefit from Swimage!

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