Remote Connection Manager

Migrate from home or anywhere

Remote workers can now deploy from anywhere using the Swimage Remote Connection Manager.  The Remote Connection Manager detects when a VPN tunnel is required and automatically establishes a secure tunnel on demand during the deployment.   This allows remote users to migrate themselves from home, at a coffee shop, or from anywhere else without ever shipping the PC to your repair center.

Saves time and money — and makes an employee happy and productive

No longer should a user wait for IT support or shipping times to get their PC repaired, upgraded, or migrated from remote locations.   With the Remote Connection Manager, a reimage can happen anywhere to complete the deployment and join the domain.    Swimage monitors the migration and at the necessary moment it automatically establishes a secure tunnel into the corporate network to complete the process.

  • Stop shipping a PC that needs a reimage or an upgrade
  • Migrate a PC anywhere
  • Users can repair their own PC at any time