Use cases

Swimage Use Cases

Swimage is a powerful, secure, and extremely efficient solution for various common PC management use cases – with complete flexibility whether onsite or working remotely. Keep your PCs healthy, secure, and compliant. Swimage monitors, alerts, and remediates any PC issue automatically and rapidly. Accelerate and simplify your repairs, replacements, OS upgrades, ransomware risk mitigation/recovery, malware removal, domain migrations, and new PC setups with Swimage. Simple self-service methods are also available options for users.

Use Cases

Health, Security, and Compliance

Keep your PCs healthy, secure, and compliant. Swimage monitors, alerts, and remediates any PC issue automatically and rapidly. It resolves issues within minutes, all without tech support.

Manage Remote PCs

Manage remote PCs with the same speed and reliability as on premise devices.  Swimage can repair, recover, rebuild, and replace remote devices with no need to ship PC for repair.

Incident Response

Swimage optimizes your incident response capabilities in all four stages by providing many functionalities, some of which are not available from any other solution.

Limit Impact

Disaster Recovery

Swimage comprehensive PC recovery minimizes downtime after a disaster and quickly recovers an entire organization (onsite and remote devices) without adding additional IT staff.

Managed Service Providers (MSPs)

Successful MSPs exceed customer expectations, increase productivity, and reduce operating costs with Swimage for their endpoint management.

PC Repair

Repair a Device

Typically in minutes, Swimage can remediate any OS issue, including OS corruption, slowness due to bloat and unwanted applications, malware, adware, or other malicious software.


Domain Migration

When a company acquires or merges with another, Swimage assimilates new PCs quickly, smoothly, and with little interruption in daily operations, all while keeping costs controlled.


Remove Malware

Unlike other malware removal tools, Swimage ensures that all malware is eliminated and that there are no other undesired programs running by rebuilding the entire system from the ground up. 

Ransomware Risk Mitigation

Is your business prepared for a ransomware attack? The cost to your business could be astronomical, and in many cases, unrecoverable.   Swimage is designed as a full recovery solution for a PC in distress.  


Ransomware Recovery

Recover Rapidly from a ransomware event with a full system rebuild (including OS, apps, settings, and data) in minutes while eliminating ransomware/malware.  

PC Migrate

Replace Hardware

Swimage is designed to make the PC replacement process nearly painless for both the employee and the business by providing full data restoration and functionality for the employee in a timely manner.

Upgrade the OS

Swimage significantly improves the OS upgrade process by providing two options: rebuilding the OS or applying the W10 feature update. Both options are extremely resilient and efficient.


Bare Metal Provisioning

Provisioning and building PCs for new employees is quick and easy with Swimage.  PCs can be provisioned and built individually or in bulk using flexible delivery methods.

Migrate while encrypted

Encryption Conversion

Replace PC encryption technology by utilizing a zero-touch automated workflow process which is secure, fast, and reliable.