White Glove Services

White Glove Services

Swimage deployment specialists are experts in OS migrations and PC lifecycle management.

Whether it’s just a few hundred PCs or hundreds of thousands, Swimage has the process, the people, and the tools necessary to migrate, upgrade, or transform your PCs at a low fixed price.

Swimage has over 25 years of experience in the most complex and largest endpoint environments. Swimage has migrated PCs all over the world and can handle even extremely remote locations.

We go above and beyond to make your experience the best possible. When we migrate a system, we take into consideration all aspects, including costs, user experience, data, applications, locations, logistics, and security. Nothing is too complex or too challenging for our team of experts.

PC Transformation

Swimage will transform your current PC management tasks into the Modern PC management process. We do this by combining established and proven processes and our technology to provide an optimized process for ongoing PC lifecycle management.

Use cases

Domain Migrations

If you have recently gone through a company acquisition or merger, Swimage White Glove Services will rapidly migrate all of your PCs from the old domain to the new domain. Our process will do it in a way to minimize interruptions and retain all user information.

Use cases

PC Replacements

Swimage White Glove Services will reduce your cost and effort for all of your PC replacements by creating a turn-key provision process, which will minimize shipping, touches, and costs. Once the process is set up, we can either take over all provisioning functions, or train your staff or your supplier on the process.

OS Upgrades

Swimage White Glove Services will ensure all of your systems are upgraded to the latest operating system, create an optimized process for all future upgrades, and train your staff on ongoing maintenance.


Offline Provisioning

If you are experiencing challenges with a large remote workforce, Swimage White Glove Services will provide the solution by creating, provisioning, shipping, and managing the offline deployment media.

remote worker

PC Consultation

Swimage White Glove Services has the expertise in all aspects of PC management, including mass deployment, global migrations, project management, SCCM, MDM, Ivanti, and anything related to PC management.