Domain Migration

Migrating to a new company & domain is challenging

When a company acquires or merges with another, the cost of integrating the new systems is very expensive for the business. The goal, of course, is to assimilate the new systems as smoothly as possible and with little interruption in daily operations.

However, for the IT department, this usually entails a long planning process and a very slow migration. Sometimes this can take years, which means:

  • Multiple domains
  • Redundant processes
  • Duplication in support and staff
  • Duplication in application licenses
  • Challenges with managing two companies under the same umbrella
City Cloud

Swimage allows for an easy and rapid migration

Swimage takes the risk away and allows an organization to migrate hundreds or thousands of systems a day with ease—no matter the location of the devices or how they’re being managed.

Swimage will:

  • Migrate a profile from one domain to another.  No domain trust is needed.
  • Apply the new corporate standard image.
  • Fully patch the system.
  • Map all old applications and reinstall the equivalent new application.
  • Automatically install hardware drivers.
  • Keep encryption intact using the Swimage patented Encryption Handler.
  • Join the PC to the new domain, including Azure AD, Hybrid, or on-premise AD.
  • Automatically map User IDs from domain to domain.
  • Allow for a self-service migration for remote workers.
  • Migrate an entire office simultaneously without impacting the network.
  • Provide full-rollback capability so risk is minimal and throughput is maximized.

Light-Switch Domain Migration