Swimage Automation Solutions

Swimage is built on the philosophy that with an ironclad workflow and intelligent automation, very complex operations can be effortless.

Since 1995 Swimage has focused on optimizing the management of the corporate PC.

Subsequently, Swimage has been able to save companies hundreds of millions of dollars due to it fully automated processes for all aspects of the PC lifecycle, including PC replacements, OS upgrades, OS repairs, and removal of malware.

One of the most expensive aspects of a PC’s total cost of ownership (TCO) is the labor required to maintain, combined with the lost productivity due to PC downtime. Swimage solves this by automating processes contributing to the TCO.

Besides the direct savings and reduction in TCO, Swimage also improves the overall efficiency of managing the PC, including stabilizing the PC, fast recovery from issues, extended hardware life, and a happier, more productive user community.

Swimage continues to innovate to address the current and trending methods for improved PC lifecycle management. We have perfected the methods for self-service migrations to both minimize technician involvement and to maximize employee productivity.

Still on Windows 7?

Swimage is the fastest and most efficient method for migrating to Windows 10. If you’re already on Windows 10, Swimage will control your feature updates as well as rebuild/repair PCs as needed.

New Company or Business Unit?

Swimage will easily migrate the new assets to your organization in record time.

Modern PC

Modern PC Management

No matter the scenario for managing the PC, all OS changes, additions, or replacements can be streamlined with Swimage. This includes:

  • Repair Windows
  • Remove malware
  • Replace a PC
  • Upgrade the operating system
  • Standardize the environment
  • Migrate to a new domain
  • Change the encryption

Unlike other companies that are claiming to have a modern desktop management solution, Swimage is mature and fully functional out of the box.

Swimage Encription Converter

If you have an PC encryption technology that you need to replace, Swimage has the automated workflow process that achieves the objective securely, quickly, and reliably – all without a need to touch the systems, including public devices.

The key features of the Swimage Encryption Converter process include:

  • Fully automated workflow
  • Lightweight workflow client
  • Fully secure PC during the conversion
  • Additional layer of encryption
  • Real time reporting to a centralize portal

White Glove Services

For a fixed and low fee, Swimage will take your deployment project off your hands. We focus on efficiency, reliability, speed, security, and user experience. Regardless of the complexity or size, we have a proven track record handling large enterprise migration all over the world.

We utilize a combination of our Swimage automation software and our project methodologies to ensure a quick ramp and a reliable, fast implementation.

As an option, Swimage will also train your staff with our methodologies so that you can leverage the processes with your current project and any future projects.

  • PC Migrations
  • Domain Migrations
  • PC Upgrades
  • Company Mergers