Swimage Solutions

Swimage is built on the philosophy that with an ironclad workflow and intelligent automation, very complex operations can be effortless.

Swimage automates processes for all aspects of the PC lifecycle, including monitoring and maintaining PC security, health and compliance, PC replacements, OS upgrades, OS repairs, removal of malware, recovery from ransomware, and encryption conversion.

Swimage automation provides substantial savings by reducing tech manual labor costs and employee lost productivity due to PC downtime. Swimage also improves the overall efficiency of managing the PC, including maintaining health and compliance, stabilizing the PC, fast recovery from issues, extended hardware life, and happier, more productive employees.

Most importantly, Swimage enhances your cybersecurity and protects your business continuity.

Swimage Attune EPM

The next generation of Swimage – Swimage Attune EPM – has arrived. 

Swimage Attune EPM prepares you for today’s cyber threats.  It enhances your security responsiveness, with hyper-automated security enforcement, incident response, and full rebuild disaster recovery.

Swimage not only monitors PC health and security compliance, it remediates issues automatically, without human intervention.  Swimage’s patented imaging and encryption handling processes provide the capability to fully rebuild even severely compromised or unhealthy systems.

Onsite or remote, Swimage Attune EPM enhances your cybersecurity and protects your business continuity.


Swimage + Tranxition Ransomware Recovery

Swimage + Tranxition Ransomware Recovery EPM add-in enables rapid recovery from ransomware events with a full system rebuild (including OS, apps, settings, and data) in minutes while eliminating the ransomware/malware.

  • Incremental backup
  • Full automation
  • Full security (local, server, or cloud)
  • Enable self-service
  • Deep data/profile backup and migration with “point-in-time” recovery
  • Customized trigger responses for ransomware/malware detection
  • Zero-touch system rebuild with nearly full user recovery in minutes

Migrate while encrypted

Swimage Encryption Converter

If you have an PC encryption technology that you need to replace, Swimage has the automated workflow process that achieves the objective securely, quickly, and reliably – all without a need to touch the systems, including public devices.

The key features of the Swimage Encryption Converter process include:

  • Fully automated workflow
  • Lightweight workflow client
  • Fully secure PC during the conversion
  • Additional layer of encryption
  • Real time reporting to a centralize portal

White Glove Services

The Swimage endpoint management specialists provide systems and process consulting for large, complex environments

For a fixed and low fee, Swimage will take your deployment project off your hands. Regardless of the complexity or size, we have a proven track record handling large enterprise migrations all over the world.

We utilize a combination of our Swimage automation software and our project methodologies to ensure a quick ramp and a reliable, fast implementation.

  • PC Migrations
  • Domain Migrations
  • PC Upgrades
  • Company Mergers