Own & Protect Your Data

What is considered data?

Although the answer may seem simple, it’s not always clear. Depending on perspective, the term “data” means different things to different people. From an employee’s point of view, data might be any information that may not be easily reproduced if lost. This includes anything that cannot or is not easily reproduced, such as pictures, downloads, and documents. Additionally, data can also mean things that take time to rebuild, configure, or create, such as application settings, shortcuts, and customizations.

Many IT departments have tried to redefine data to only include pictures, documents, and email. They do this in order to take the responsibility of data management off the shoulders of the IT staff and put it onto the employees. Whenever a PC is reimaged or replaced, this can have some negative impacts that may not be readily apparent to the IT department.

  1. Data loss will occur if the user fails to put all data into the proper locations. This is especially problematic if there is data, such as a local database or very large media files, that cannot be remotely stored.
  2. Application settings, configurations, favorites, and other customizations are not retained.
  3. Data must be pulled back down from the cloud, which could take significant time if the Internet connection is poor.

Swimage protects all data

Swimage considers anything on a PC as potential data. In order to ensure there in no data loss and that the process is clean and quick, Swimage manages data protection through two passes. In the first pass, Swimage does a full disk snapshot, using the Swimage DataProtect Snapshot technology. This preserves all information on the drive. In the second pass Swimage uses a rule-based process to filter out only wanted information. This process is entirely customizable and managed through grouping, making it possible to have different data preservation rules applied to different systems, based on their roles.

Through the combination of both data protection passes, no data can ever be lost. Even if a rule misses data or information, the DataProtect Snapshot is available to retrieve anything needed after the deployment.

Maintain ownership and control of your data

Swimage protects data no matter its location, including locally, on an external server, or in the cloud. Because Swimage can maintain data in all these places, you have the choice to easily and reliably protect and retain data, without being forced to save data to the cloud just for this purpose.