Resilient Deployments

Deployment failure is not an option!

Regardless of the process, a PC deployment is a complex process with a lot of steps. With your common Microsoft Task sequence or any other common approach, a failure at any single step results in a complete deployment failure. This means that the deployment must start from the beginning, and in most cases, this means a technician visit is required, long downtime ensues, and data loss is common.

Swimage takes a much different approach to ensure that failure does not occur. With Swimage, each step is analyzed and when a problem is detected, the step can be restarted, repaired, or skipped, depending on the condition. This means that a step failure will not affect the overall deployment.

Swimage is bulletproof

The reliability of Swimage is a result of our Swimage Conductor, which is the workflow engine behind the deployment. Having this type of deployment resiliency, unheard of by any other solution, changes the dynamics of how and when a PC deployed.

Swimage customers gain these benefits, which are unachievable without Swimage:

  • Mass migrate with minimal resources, due to the low failure rate
  • Allow for the users to reimage their own PC without tech support
  • Reimage a PC instead of trying to fix issues
  • More frequent imaging speeds up the PC performance
  • Reimage instead of replacing hardware, extending the average life of a system