Pre-Deployment Validator

Ensure all pre-deployment tasks are completed before the migration begins.  The Swimage Pre-Deployment Validator checks hardware compatibility, application compatibility, encryption compatibility, and general health of the PC.   Anything that can be remediated will be done automatically though the Pre-Deployment Validator.   Never have a failed deployment again due to a missing step in the beginning.

Never Fail a Migration

With the Swimage Pre-Deployment Validator, all critical systems can be validated and remediated to ensure that if you start a migration, it will finish.

Minimize Touches

Let the Pre-Deployment Validator fix issues and ensure success so that your technicians don’t need to.

What gets validated?

The Swimage Validator will ensure the following are validated before the migration starts:

  • Free drive space required
  • Supported hardware model
  • Other minimum hardware specification are met
  • Encryption state is proper
  • Drive is healthy
  • Any other custom checks required

What gets remediated?

The Swimage Pre-Deployment Validator will remediate anything possible, and out-of-box, will remediate the following:

  • Clean up drive space where possible
  • Run CheckDisk to fix unhealthy files
  • Remove incompatible applications and encryption

How it works?

The Encryption Handler executes just before the first reboot on an OS migration.   At this point, it will extract from the current OS all needed components needed for encryption, including keys, registry values, files, and drivers.

The Encryption Handler will inject the extracted components as needed when the OS is applied to the system.  Neither the OS WIM or the WinPE WIM needs to be reconfigured in any way since all components necessary are extracted and injected on the fly.