Automatic PC Repair Process

Painless Repairs

Too often, a PC is left in a state of poor performance because the cost and pain of fixing it is just too high.

This is not the case with Swimage.

Swimage Remedies

  • Slowness due to bloat and unwanted applications
  • Malware, adware, or other malicious software
  • Operating system corruption 
  • Timely (within an hour to fully remediate) 

Swimage Side Benefits

Besides ensuring the PC remains healthy, using Swimage regularly to remediate PC issues has additional benefits not immediately recognized. 

  • The PC performs faster and employees are happier and more productive
  • Hidden and unknown malware is always removed with Swimage
  • The company gets more life out of PC hardware because too often hardware is blamed for poor performance when the actual problem can be solved by reimaging the device with Swimage


Using Swimage for PC repairs will save a company hundreds of dollars per incident. This is due to savings in support technician time, user time, and PC shipping costs. 

Simplified PC Repair Process

Watch this quick demonstration of a self-service remote repair