Fast and Easy Swimage Install

Lightweight architecture, easy installation

Swimage has evolved over the years to accommodate the advanced requirements of business and can quickly adapt to the ever-changing IT landscape.

Swimage is designed to be either stand-alone or work in conjunction with your current Systems Management platform. Swimage will currently integrate with SCCM, EPM, AutoPilot, Ivanti, and BixFix.

The integration to your currently functioning Systems Management platform will give you immediate scalability to reach even the furthest node, with minimal hardware investment. For an entire enterprise (up to 300,000 nodes), you will only need a single Swimage server and an associated SQL database. The Swimage server runs a Web console for tracking all deployment logic, components, computer future states, and scheduling.

This chart illustrates how the information flows through the Swimage Architecture from the Swimage server to the clients to be migrated.