Remote Workforce Offline Deployment Method

Swimage provides a unique and very robust method for handling any type of deployment, even for those employees who have poor or no network connection.

The Swimage Offline Deployment Method (ODM) process builds all of the necessary deployment components (i.e., OS image, drivers, settings, applications, and the Swimage Workflow Engine).  The components are then distributed through various methods, which include pre-staged, USB thumb drive, and cloud streaming.

The ODM is designed to assist everyone – from employees in large offices with thousands of systems to be deployed simultaneously to remote workers in all locations, even on mountain tops.

No migration is too large or too out-of-reach for Swimage.

The Swimage ODM is an option for both the remote worker and office worker. Even though Swimage can stream directly from the network in real time, the ODM can still be used in large offices when a mass migration is required. With the ODM, thousands of systems may be executed at the same time without impacting the network. It can also be used in offices where the network may not be optimal or where SCCM distribution points are not reliable.

The ways in which the Offline Deployment Method can be used include:

Remote Workers

Swimage is the perfect solution for modernizing every aspect of the PC lifecycle. This includes self-service options for new provisioning, OS repairs, OS upgrades, migrations, and PC replacements.

Office Workers

Swimage automation provides maximum efficiency when migrating a PC to another. Deployments can be initiated and completed in bulk – without reimaging the PC, without moving data off the PC, and while keeping all of the data securely encrypted.

ODM Delivery Options

The goal of delivering the ODM to a PC is to optimize time, speed, and reliability. Because individual needs vary, so does the ODM delivery options.

Delivery Options Include:
  • Over-the-network
  • Cloud streaming
  • ISO format
  • OEM vendor image
  • Swimage kit (USB thumb drive)

All delivery options can handle every use case for Swimage.

Swimage Kit

Swimage Deployment Kits – Remote & Self-Service Deployments

  • Eliminates shipping PCs just for reimaging.
  • Allows home users to “self-migrate” — in-place or PC replacement.
  • Allows for OS Migrations from anywhere, even completely outside the domain.
  • The Swimage Kit contains all migration components on a single flash drive.
  • A cross-over cable is available for PC replacements for data migration from the old PC.
  • PC migrations are started with only a few easy steps (anyone can migrate a PC).

Watch these demonstrations of the Swimage Kit for a remote worker.

In-Place Migration

PC Replacement