Swimage Benefits

Swimage automation provides multiple benefits, including the ability to keep your systems secure during all stages of the PC lifecycle, supporting all of your employees (onsite and remote), allowing you to own and control your data, and drastically lowering costs by reducing the number of IT touch points and resources required.

Swimage Benefits

Maintain Security

Remain secure during OS repairs, upgrades, or migrations. The Swimage Encryption Handler is the only solution which migrates an encrypted device without removing the security, regardless of the encryption type.

Business Continuity

Swimage is a comprehensive PC recovery solution which completely rebuilds an entire organization’s PCs in minutes. It ensures business continuity and is a critical piece of a disaster recovery plan.

Support Remote Workers

Enhance your remote workforce experience with Swimage’s rapid, simple, single-click self-service solutions. Swimage allows your employees to remain happy and productive, even when faced with PC challenges.

Autopilot Alternative

Enhance or replace Autopilot with Swimage Endpoint Management. With over 25 years of innovation, Swimage is the most robust, reliable, flexible, and secure PC lifecycle solution on the market.

Zero Trust Security

Swimage is a fundamental component of zero trust security frameworks. Swimage integrates with security stacks and ensures that all PCs, regardless of location, remain secure, healthy, and compliant. Non-compliant PCs are automatically remediated.

Fast and Easy Install

Swimage is designed to be either stand-alone or work in conjunction with your current Systems Management platform. Swimage only requires a single server and an associated SQL database.

Own & Protect Your Data

Don’t be forced to save your PC information and data to the cloud. Swimage allows you to maintain control of them because Swimage protects data no matter where it is located (local, on an external server, or in the cloud).

Resilient Deployment

Swimage is resilient and unbreakable. Even a power failure midway will not cause the deployment to fail. Simply recover the power and the Conductor will continue the deployment from where it left off.

Full Rollback Capability

Swimage offers full rollback capability, which provides an additional safety-net for your deployments. If a migration ever fails, roll it back to the starting point using the Swimage Data Protect Rollback.

Customize Workflow

Swimage ensures 100% success in deployments in part to the automated workflow that precedes all deployments. The workflow for every stage may be customized to fit your organization’s needs.

Install All Applications

Swimage provides intelligent application installation. No more need to manually figure out applications that need to be reinstalled. Swimage automatically installs the necessary applications your organization selects.

Report Activities

Swimage activity reports are available immediately following deployments. Detailed information, including success criteria, is available for each deployment. Summary reports may also be generated.

Return on Investment

Swimage Modern PC Management solutions produce outstanding financial results. In fact, the typical Swimage ROI is greater than 1,000% and the payback period is less than 3 months.

Competitive Analysis

Only Swimage can restore, remediate, reimage, or replace a PC without user intervention while keeping the device encrypted during the process, whatever the encryption type. The Competitive Analysis highlights other unique features.