Remove Malware

Quickly eliminate all traces of a virus

Too often, a PC is left with some type of malware, adware, bloatware, or viruses simply because they are not interrupting quite enough for the employee to take the steps needed to remove them. This is especially true if anti-virus software is not functioning and other security notifications are not occurring.

It is common for employees to live with these issues until the PC is eventually replaced.

This mode of operation, (i.e., living with malware) is particularly bad because it’s very difficult to know the true nature of the malware. What shows as simple adware could also have backdoors, rootkits, keyloggers, or other malicious code attached.

Any PC with suspected malware should never be ignored

What to do if a virus is found on a PC

If you or any user is in the unfortunate position of getting any type of malware on a PC – follow these steps immediately:

  • !! Stop working on the PC and shut it down immediately !!
  • Start the PC in recovery mode with Swimage
  • Swimage will rebuild the entire system, leaving the virus behind

Swimage is the best at removing Malware

For malware removal, Swimage will complete the following:

  • Reset the entire PC to a base build
  • Take a complete Snapshot of the existing system for diagnostics
  • Reinstall all needed applications
  • Capture and restore all desired data and settings
  • Run online, or completely offline
  • Ensure the PC is clean before allowing the user to log in
  • Complete in about an hour
  • Eliminate all traces of any malware