Swimage History

Optimizing the PC Since 1995

Swimage is built on the philosophy that with an ironclad workflow and intelligent automation, very complex operations can be effortless.

Swimage was created from the need to simplify and standardize the way PCs were being built and managed. In the early 90’s, we observed that the largest costs associated to manage PCs were from the imaging process and from the cost of supporting a non standard PC environment.

Swimage exists as a tool to create and enforce a standard process for PC imaging and management through automation. The name for Swimage comes from this as: Standard Workstation Image

Swimage today

Over the decades, Swimage has continued to evolve in order to cover all scenarios and to work around all of the issues encountered when managing a global organization. Due to our endeavor to constantly improve the solution, Swimage had matured into a world-class product that out shines and outperforms all of our competition.

Use cases

Swimage Use Cases

Swimage offers powerful, secure, and extremely efficient solutions for various common PC management use cases – with complete flexibility whether onsite or working remotely. Accelerate and simplify your repairs, replacements, OS upgrades, malware removal, domain migrations, and new PC setups with Swimage.


Swimage Differentiators

Swimage’s patented automated processes make endpoint management simple and efficient, while still being highly customizable for your company’s environment.  Our differentiators include the ability to maintain encryption during imaging, snapshot and rollback capabilities, and offline deployment methods.

remote worker

Swimage Benefits

Swimage automation provides multiple benefits, including the ability to keep your systems secure during all stages of the PC lifecycle, supporting all of your employees (onsite and remote), allowing you to own and control your data, and drastically lowering costs by reducing the number of IT touch points and resources required.

Managing the PC

No matter the scenario for managing the PC, all OS changes, additions, or replacements can be securely streamlined with Swimage.

Use Swimage to do the following:

  • Remove Malware
  • Support remote workers
  • Repair Windows OS
  • Replace a PC
  • Upgrade the operating system
  • Standardize the environment
  • Migrate to a new domain
  • Change the encryption

Unlike other companies that are claiming to have a modern desktop management solution, Swimage is mature and fully functional out of the box.