Managed Service Providers (MSPs)

Successful MSPs exceed customer expectations, increase productivity, and reduce operating costs with Swimage for their endpoint management.

With Swimage’s patented automation software, MSPs can:

  1. Monitor, manage, and remediate endpoints from a customizable multi-tenancy portal
  2. Remotely support all PCs, regardless of their location
  3. Reduce Risk
  4. Ensure security and compliance
  5. Provide user-friendly self-service
  6. Produce automatic customized reports
  7. Ensure business continuity
  8. Improve customer satisfaction
  9. Increase profitability on engagements
  10. Scale the business

Expand Your Capabilities with Swimage

Support all PCs – onsite or remote – Swimage accommodates onsite, WFH, and hybrid structures. Unlike other solutions, Swimage even supports remote systems with little or no Internet connectivity.

Customize for any environment – Swimage’s robust and flexible multi-tenancy platform may be customized for any customer, from a small company to a highly complex and diverse IT environment. Swimage ensures PCs are built to precise customer specifications and that they remain in that state throughout their life.

Maintain Compliance – Swimage automatically and immediately takes action to resolve compliance and other issues.

Ensure business continuity – Swimage’s touch-free functionality allows for thousands of PCs to be remediated simultaneously in the event of a malware or ransomware attack.

Never leave a PC vulnerable – Cyber security experts love Swimage because all PCs remain encrypted at all times.

Additional benefits

  • Automate routine, repetitive tasks
  • Free up techs for other revenue-generating activities
  • Reduce the costs for service delivery
  • Quickly on-board new customers and simplify ongoing administration
  • Monitor and ensure all endpoints remain secure and compliant
  • Centrally support end users and their devices remotely
  • Reduce tickets through self-service options
  • Automate maintenance, management, and security workflows
  • Provide customized support and engagement with each customer

Reduce Costs with Automation

Significant efficiencies are achieved through automation of tasks such as:

Light overhead – Due to Swimage’s automation and built-in AI, a staff of one or two people can manage thousands of PCs with ease.

Easy to adopt – Basic Swimage functionality is available in a few hours. Swimage may be used as a stand-alone system, or it may be integrated with your other management tools. Integrations are quick and simple. Swimage also integrates with security stacks. Our implementation staff will be available to assist you, either onsite or remote.

Swimage Asset Management Dashboard

  • Overall view and individual view of the organization’s PCs
  • PC statistics (SN, asset tag, drive space, etc.)
  • OS, apps, location
  • Health, security, and compliance status
  • Deployment readiness
  • Networking information
  • Dynamic filtering
  • Integrates with other management tools and security stacks
  • Imports STIGs (security technical implementation guides)
  • Customizable

Swimage Portal Functionality

  • Applies compliance policies
  • Automatically remediates non-compliance
  • Rapid recovery from malware/ransomware
  • Remote capabilities for PCs with limited or no connectivity
  • User-friendly self-service
  • Remote servicing from the portal by a tech
  • System lock
  • Remediation for performance issues
  • Custom builds
  • Application matching
  • Direct data transfer for replacement PCs
  • Hardware from multiple vendors
  • Customized automatic reports
  • Run processes on thousands of PCs at a time