Manage Remote PCs

Swimage addresses the challenges of keeping remote PCs healthy, secure, and functional. It make the management of remote PCs easy and low-cost, without sacrificing quality of service. Swimage allows you to manage remote devices as easily as those on premise. Even with the furthest to reach PCs you can:

  • Distribute content remotely from the Cloud
  • Resolve PC issues rapidly
  • Minimize the need to replace hardware
  • Maintain full and detailed control over every individual PC’s setting and configuration
  • Manage and protect all employee data, regardless of the storage location, even if it’s not stored in the common profile folders or in OneDrive
  • Recover and restore all PC personalities and profiles, including customization, shortcuts, and Office settings
  • Detect and install and applications from any type of installation source
  • Allow self-service PC repair for any type of issue
  • Increase the overall performance of the device
  • Fully recover a system from malware, BSOD, or other major issues, in minutes
  • Never decrypt the PC, regardless of the encryption type
  • Secure and update content regularly
  • Allow self-service PC repair for any type of issue
  • Recover from malware or system failure in minutes
  • Reimage on a broad scale
  • Use it with only limited Internet service
  • Facilitate disaster recovery and business continuity