Encryption Handler

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Maintain Security

Swimage includes the Encryption Handler, which is the only solution that can migrate an encrypted device without removing the security, regardless of the encryption type. This allows you to remain secure during OS repairs, upgrades, or migrations.


Never Decrypt Again

With the Swimage Encryption Handler, a PC can be encrypted once at purchase, then left encrypted through its entire life. This includes keeping encryption during all PC repairs, reimages, and upgrades.

Handle Encryption Automatically

The Encryption Handler runs automatically and behind the scenes. It is universal, so that even if you have a mixed encrypted environment, Swimage handles the encryption without any intervention needed.

Migrate an encrypted PC with no need to unencrypt

Without Swimage, encrypted drives can add 12-24 hours to the deployment. With Swimage, encrypted drives remain encrypted throughout the deployment by utilizing our patented key transfer technology.

A Swimage PC remains encrypted and secure throughout the migration. This keeps it secure and saves time otherwise spent decrypting and then re-encrypting drives.

How do we do it?

Swimage contains patented technology that detects the type of encryption installed and handles the encryption and transports all keys, drivers, and programs needed for the encryption from the old OS.

This makes the process very fast, and more importantly, keeps the PC completely secure through the entire process. At no moment is the encrypted PC vulnerable during the migration.

Additional Benefits of Swimage with the Encryption Handler:

  • Local data does not need to be copied and restored to migrate
  • Data remains encrypted on the entire drive
  • Remote users can self-migrate and keep data secure
  • Neither external storage nor cloud is required to protect data