Health, Security, and Compliance Software

Keep your PCs healthy, secure, and compliant. Swimage monitors all of your PCs and provides detailed asset information about each device. Using intelligence and built-in rules, Swimage synthesizes the asset data to provide the status of each system. The status includes the security, general health and compliance of the PC, and how it’s performing. This information can easily be filtered, sorted, and pivoted in our easy-to-use and customizable management dashboard.

Swimage’s compliance engine generates automated alerts and remediation. The engine is fueled with a set of built-in rules, combined with your own company policies. Swimage provides an alert on any system that does not meet the necessary security requirements for the organization. Then it automatically remediates the issue.

How It Works

Rules, Triggers, and Alerts

Alerts are triggered based on rules created in Swimage that monitor activities or the state of a system. Many of these triggered rules are built into Swimage; however, Swimage allows for customized rules to be created. What you select as important to monitor within your organization is virtually unlimited. Creating new triggers with rules in Swimage is very simple.

Monitoring triggers may include:

  • Security status
  • Scheduled events
  • Service status and activity
  • Results of a program
  • Patching status
  • Contents of a file
  • Values in the registry
  • WMI results
  • Event log status
  • Running processes
  • System attributes
  • Plus many others


Alert triggers for security, health, or compliance may be automatically turned into actions. This not only ensures that no devices are left insecure or non-compliant, but also eliminates the need for technical resources to respond. Swimage automatically responds to alerts within seconds of being triggered. The action can vary based on the severity of the alert. Actions may also be chained together to ensure that all the necessary steps are taken to systematically and rapidly resolve the issue.

Actions that Swimage may take include:

  • Generate an alert with a severity
  • Lock the PC from all access
  • Clean up drive space
  • Shutdown or reboot
  • Modify the registry
  • Install or uninstall software
  • Apply patches
  • Run a command
  • Rebuild / reimage the device
  • Plus many others

Rules and actions can easily be assigned to both devices and device collections within the Swimage portal.

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