Autopilot Alternative

Are you looking for an alternative to Autopilot? Swimage Endpoint Management is the perfect choice.

With over 25 years of innovation, Swimage is the most robust, reliable, flexible, and secure PC lifecycle solution on the market.

Depending on the needs of your organization, Swimage Endpoint Management may:

  1. Integrate with Autopilot to provide enhancements OR
  2. Replace Autopilot entirely (including Intune, Azure, and MECM)

Swimage Endpoint Management’s advantages over Autopilot include:

  • Setup and maintenance are significantly faster and easier
  • Manage applications and data with flexibility
  • Maintain all data and settings on the drive without forcing the data to be stored in the cloud
  • Install any type of application from any installation source
  • Join the traditional on-premise domain (even if remote), a hybrid domain, or Azure only
  • Rebuild and recover a PC without removing encryption (using Encryption Handler), even if the PC is encrypted by a software other than BitLocker
  • Run completely offline, if needed
  • Deploy any image, including a fully customized image
  • Conduct a full snapshot of the drive, in order to provide a failsafe and roll back to the snapshot if any problem is detected in a deployment
  • Lock system during the entire deployment and application installation process with Swimage Splashlock
  • Systems fully built and operational upon first login
  • Monitor PC health and compliance
  • Provision, build, and enforce a PC’s desired state with fully customizable templates, compliance rules, triggers, and actions with Swimage Compliance Enforcer
  • Integrate with security stack for automated responses
  • Enforce security compliance automatically
  • Meet zero trust security requirements

The following video highlights Swimage’s ease of setup and deployment flexibility compared to Autopilot.

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