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Swimage Compliance Enforcer

Swimage Compliance Enforcer

Swimage Compliance Enforcer EPM add-in ensures that all of your systems remain healthy, secure, and compliant. Through easy-to-configure rules, you can monitor, alert, and remediate any PC issue automatically and rapidly. Even under the most extreme conditions, Swimage alerts, secures, and resolves PC problems within minutes, all without tech support and even when the PC is remote or offline.

For decades, Swimage has been trusted by many organizations for PC provisioning, upgrades, replacements, and full system recovery. Based on customer demand, Swimage’s patented automation and intelligence engines have been broadened to include PC health monitoring and zero trust security compliance enforcement.

Swimage’s interactive and customizable dashboard provides a bird’s-eye view of the health, compliance, and deployment status of all your PCs.

Swimage Compliance Enforcer Dashboard

  • Overall view of the organization’s PCs
  • Built-in views include health, compliance, deployment readiness, and deployment activities
  • Built-in filters for location, OS, or model
  • Dynamic filtering
  • Configurable collections
  • Customizable

Swimage Compliance Enforcer Portal

  • Monitoring of individual system compliance
  • Ability to detect, alert, and remediate issues
  • Detailed information views for each device
  • Application of actions, including compliance enforcement rules
  • Buildable workflow actions
  • Customizable
Take action

Take Action with Swimage Compliance Enforcer

Swimage takes immediate action on any PC that fails compliance or becomes unhealthy.

Swimage has numerous built-in actions immediately available to repair your PCs, plus Swimage can be extended to perform any customized actions desired, so that your corporate security policies are enforced.


Some basic actions built in to the Swimage process include:

  • Lock the PC
  • Reimage the PC
  • Clean up drive space
  • Reinstall hardware drivers
  • Install patches
  • Install software
  • Remove software
  • Rejoin the domain
  • Encrypt the PC

Swimage Compliance Enforcer easily integrates with existing Modern Management tools, or it can run completely standalone.

Initial set-up is quick and easy, with base functionality in a few hours.

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