Self-Service Methods

Self-service PC solutions are incredibly beneficial for support teams and users – no matter how remote. Users feel empowered, support teams have more time to focus on other priorities, common PC issues are resolved in a timely manner, and employee satisfaction is increased. Most importantly, companies work efficiently and save valuable working time – resulting in a large return on investment.

Simple & Rapid PC Repair Process

A PC repair is now as easy as 1-2-3.

Swimage provides users with simple and expedited solutions when experiencing common PC issues that usually require a computer technician or, in worse cases, a PC replacement. The following PC repair use-case solutions can be easily implemented and solutions are provided in just under an hour. Customized events are also available options to trigger desired resolution.

• Blue Screen of Death (BSOD)
• Ransomware recovery
• Malware removal
• Graphical errors
• Abnormally functioning operating system
• Software or hardware issues

Simple & Rapid PC Replacement Process

Self-service flexibility enables organizations, no matter the level of complexity, to make the continuous cycle of desktop replacements an automated process rather than an ongoing project.

A managed, repeatable automation process allows you to make better decisions, minimize disruption, and distribute work requirements more efficiently. 

Flexible Self-Service Options

For remote imaging, there are flexible options for a bare metal PC.

Options for a remote user to execute Swimage from a bare metal, include the following:

  • The vendor can have the PC pre-staged with Swimage prior to shipping
  • The user can simply download a Swimage stub program to initiate the process
  • A flash drive sent to the user to initiate the imaging process (popular method for hard to reach remote users – no matter how remote)