Benefits of Intelligent PC Automation

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Swimage White Paper: Benefits of Intelligent PC Automation

Today’s IT directors are faced with the challenge of managing onsite and remote PCs. Gone are the days when all company PCs could be quickly turned over to deskside support to address issues. The support costs for remote devices are significantly higher.

Most IT professionals are not aware that intelligent PC automation software, such as Swimage Attune EPM, exists and solves this problem by nearly eliminating all deskside support. In essence, automation allows for complete resolution of most PC problems, even if the PC is unreachable by an IT support technician.

This white paper analyzes the processes and costs for traditional remote PC management versus intelligent PC automation with Swimage.

Traditional Remote PC Support

Without the right software, most IT directors resort to their only known option to support remote workers. This consists of a centralized depot / repair center and shipping PCs to and from the remote locations. This is not only very expensive, but also results in long delays and reduced productivity.

In this era of tight budgets, the IT staff is expected to enable businesses to do more with less. However, simply cutting IT costs is not enough. IT professionals make great attempts to find areas that may be automated – sometimes through scripting or other tools that help streamline some of the simple, repetitive steps. However, even if they automate portions of the process, full automation seems to be an unachievable goal.

To discover how full automation is possible with Swimage Attune EPM and how it significantly reduces the business impact of PC issues, continue reading Benefits of Intelligent PC Automation.