Swimage Monthly Newsletter – November 2021

Intelligent Process Automation

Whether your current OS is Windows 7, Windows 10, and/or
you are preparing for the launch of Windows 11, OS upgrades
are a continuous cycle. What is your current build process?

Large costs are often a result of manual Windows device
deployment processes. This is due to high levels of overhead in
relation to PC imaging, re-imaging, supporting
infrastructure/network, applications, drivers, and data.

Without the requirement of third party services, Swimage
automation provides organizations with flexible solutions and
total control of device configurations. Optimizing and
modernizing PC lifecycle management without capability gaps
will quickly drive down costs in engineering, infrastructure, and

Contactless Convenience

Has your organization ever experienced PC deployment challenges in assisting remote or hybrid
employees who have poor or no internet connection? The Swimage Offline Deployment Method
(ODM) is designed to assist everyone – from employees in large offices with thousands of systems
to be deployed simultaneously to remote workers in all locations, even on mountain tops. The
Swimage ODM eliminates concerns surrounding network impact and limited bandwidth.

The goal of delivering the ODM to a PC is to optimize time, speed, and reliability. Delivery
options include:

• Over-the-network
• Cloud streaming
• ISO format
• OEM vendor image
• Swimage kit (USB thumb drive)

Swimage Digital Workspace Solutions – Microsoft Autopilot Extension

Swimage has made numerous technological advances as the IT world has shifted to meet
unexpected demands. Continuous innovations have been developed to provide powerful
solutions for the digital workspace. One of these innovations is our Microsoft Autopilot Extension.

Microsoft Autopilot is great for provisioning and configuring a PC out-of-box; however, in the
enterprise, it has some weaknesses that limit or change how the PC needs to be managed. For
example, Autopilot requires and expects good Internet access, data to be moved to OneDrive,
and applications to be packaged and placed into the Microsoft Store. Although this may be
acceptable for many companies, other companies are finding this requirement to be unrealistic
and others hesitate due to the fear of putting all eggs into the “Microsoft basket.”

Swimage extends the capabilities of Autopilot so companies are not limited to how they manage
their PCs. Swimage provides all the flexibility, security, and capabilities to allow even the
largest and most complex organizations meet all of their PC management requirements,
including complex application installation, large localized data stores, and poor Internet in
remote locations.

Swimage has added or enhanced the following features that significantly improve PC
management through Autopilot:

  1. Self-service repairs and reimaging
  2. Ransomware recovery
  3. Offline deployment capabilities
  4. Maintained offline recovery cache
  5. Direct PC-to-PC profile and data migration
  6. Global cloud distribution
  7. Integration with other tools, including Config Manager and Ivanti
  8. Support and maintain encryption for all major encryption vendors
  9. Asset management and tracking
  10. PC health checks and self-healing
  11. Support for any 32-bit or packaged application
  12. Full disk snapshot for complete recovery
  13. PC lock for high security or public devices
  14. Complete PC lifecycle management